Add the human factor to motor risk assessment

Behaviour helps determine safe or risky driving

Personality and behavioural traits (e.g. a tendency for speeding, texting while driving or ignoring rules) have a dramatic effect on the likelihood and severity of car accidents.

But behaviour is hard to measure

'Human factors' are not typically taken into account in existing insurance applications.

We measure five key behavioural factors linked with safe driving

We can help the majority of your customers establish that they are less risky by sharing their OneZero-me Motor Score – which takes into account five key behaviours:

The OneZero-me Motor Score can enable you to offer policies to traditionally challenging segments:

Young drivers
New drivers in the UK

Drivers without a history are tough to assess – whether new drivers who’ve just passed their test or more experienced drivers who only recently moved to the UK. The OneZero-me Motor Score helps you identify safer drivers among these groups.

Unlucky drivers

A driver might be involved in an accident through bad luck. OneZero-me Scores help you assess the likelihood of further accidents by taking into account the personality traits of the driver.