Move to Self Sovereign Customer Identity

Twice the power to catch fraud, in a fraction of the time

Give your customers ownership of their identity. Get the best IDV technologies, in one integration at an unbeatable price.

Give customers ownership of their Identity

Nowadays customers are expecting to own their data and to be given full transparency of its usage

By using the HAT microserver technology we allocate each customer a personal data account giving them full control over their data. Learn more

Get the best IDV technologies in one integration at an unbeatable price

We can seamlessly integrate with your existing identity providers - to provide you the assurance you need

We add value by securely saving consumers identity profile within their personal data account - enabling them to re-use their data while reducing the risk of massive data breach.

Consumers with existing personal data accounts can verify their identity with one click, eliminating drop-off at the most crucial step. Learn more about our partners:

Identity verification at the speed of life.
Helping thousands of companies around the world to verify identities since 2012

The secure gateway to digital identity.
KYC solution market leader in central Europe - providing identity solution to Swiss telecom

Powering businesses remotely
KYC solution accredited by HMRC for Regulatory Excellence. Based in Wales

More than ID verification

Our Personal Data Accounts (PDA) provide your customers a secure area into which they can upload any document, any digital data, any time.

We are here to support you with any bespoke needs around on-going identity verification, legal documents storage and identity data

Pick and choose

Document Verification

Advanced ML providing the most robust fraud detection

Face match check

Using biometric facial recognition to confirm the ID document matches the individual

Liveness check

Detecting a spoof attempt by confirming the vidoe/selfie was taken by a live human

Open Banking Verification

Using Open Banking to verify ownership and use of UK bank accounts

Social Network Verification

Using Facebook to verify ownership of account and standrd use

Bespoke Plan

Support bespoke requirements for process, identity tracking, or documents storage

Robust legal framework. The most advacned security.

PDAs are owned by your customers - so from a GDPR perspective they are both the data controllers and data processors - this removes any GDPR risk related to storing such data

From a data security perspective, we explictly encrypt data stored in the PDA - effectively eliminating any risk of breach