Move to Self Sovereign Customer Identity

Give customers ownership of their Identity

It's now an expectation, rather than a novelty, that customers should be given proper ownership of their data and transparency into any transactions made with it.

Plugging OneZero-me into your customer journey lets you deliver data Self-Sovereignty

Transform conversion with real-time ID verification

OneZero-me gives your customer a secure area into which they upload a smartphone phot of their photo ID - simple.

We then verify it using Facial recognition and Liveness checks, and share with you the positive result.

All of this in real time, eliminating the drop-off at this notorious pain point in the customer journey

Even better, it’s a one-time process. They’ll have the positive result available for any future ID checks

Minimal setup, immediate operational savings

We can seamlessly integrate with your existing identity providers - to provide you the assurance you need

We add value by securely saving consumers identity profile within personal data account - which they control

Consumers with existing personal data accounts can verify their identity with one click, eliminating drop-off at the most crucial step