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I want to experiment with alternative data

Start a retrospective trial to understand what data your customers feel comfortable to share, and how powerful the insights from such data can be (no technical integration required)

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I want to use alternative data to power my decision/risk engine

Improve your acceptance rate/prediction power by leveraging insights from alternative data (zero or real-time technical integration required)

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I want a 360-degree customer view

Share data, with explicit customers' consent, within/outside your organisation (minimal technical integration required)

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Personal data is valuable

Empower your customers to easily share thousands of clean, verified data points about themselves in three simple steps:

Step 1

Add the OneZero-me widget to your site

Our widget empowers your customers to exchange their personal data for potential benefits

Step 2

Choose between two types of OneZero-me scores

Our AI and Machine Learning algorithms turn this data into predictive risk scores that you can use to reduce risk

Step 3

Receive your chosen OneZero-me score in real-time

Your customers give explicit consent for us to share with you the derived OneZero-me Scores

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Have your own data?
No problem.

OneZero-me can help you build your own bespoke alternative risk models based on any unstructured or structured data that you currently have but don’t utilise

Our unique experience

Predicting credit and insurance risk based on alternative data

Additive value for people with historical data (supplementing existing models)

Replicating existing models for people without historical data (enriching ‘thin files’)

We have the experience of modelling credit and insurance risk based on a wide range of alternative data including text-based and preference data

Adding the ‘human factor’ to financial services risk prediction

Personality-based risk prediction is additive, supplementing and refining risk measurement based on historical data

Ideal for the toughest scenarios without claim or credit history as personality-based risk prediction is independent of past performance

We have the experience of measuring and estimating risk based on personality and behavioural traits – measuring generic personality traits and identify sub-facets that are likely to be indicative of risk.

Our solutions


Your customers spend increasing amounts of time online – and a consistent digital identity is ever-more reflective of a genuine identity in the real world.

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Personality and behavioural traits (e.g. a tendency for speeding, texting while driving or ignoring rules) have a dramatic effect on the likelihood and severity of car accidents – but these ‘human factors’ are not taken into account in existing insurance applications.

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Alternative ways to assess credit risk. Use our own solution or select one of our partners'.

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