Financial Passport

Super-fast, super-secure.

Sort out all your financial data in one secure place. Understand what you can get, and find alternatives.

Sail through checks with your pre-verified proof of ID

When you're asked to supply your Passport and Driving Licence, say goodbye to... finding your paper docs, scanning, and having to attach and email them insecurely every time.

Capture them just once using your phone camera, and we'll verify and pre-check them for you. Then you can access and share them from your own secure personal account – for ever.

Verify your ID

Know what’s happening as the hidden background checks about you are made

Did you know? 1 in 5 consumers have an error on their credit report. This could prevent you from getting a loan or access to affordable insurance. Check and fix any potential errors in your credit and fraud reports BEFORE you make an application, to improve the deals you’re offered.

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Pass final approval with alternative risk scores that improve eligibility

Sometimes, traditional ways of assessing risk are not quite right for you. We’ve brought together some alternative ways to help give you another chance of getting affordable insurance or the loan you need. Choose one from below:

Credit score Motor score

Keeps your most valuable personal data safe

How your Financial Passport works

Get a Personal Data Acount. This gives you a safe, secure space - completely in your control - to store your important financial data

Save anything that you need there, from your scanned passport, to your credit check and any alternative scores we can give you

Use your scores instantly with our lenders and insurance partners

Set up in moments, use forever

Connect in moments and start unlocking the power of your data

A guide to sharing data: Everything you need to know

The data that we all generate online is hugely valuable. It powers the entire internet ecosystem.

For a long time this ecosystem has been dominated by the big global tech firms, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple.

GDPR is a new law that was introduced on 25 May 2018 to bring back control over personal data – and the opportunity to convert it into value - to the individual user.

OneZero-me aims to build a relationship of trust between individuals and businesses, helping both to benefit from the new flow of data.

How do you protect my personal data?

When you sign up to the OneZeroMe, your data will be stored in a personal data account (PDA). Personal data accounts use a new technology called a “HAT Microserver” to enable you to own and control your data in the cloud. For more information, see

What can I get for my personal data?

Most data-sharing companies offer some kind of a marketplace where third parties can buy or access your personal data. Some may offer you special deals or money in exchange for your data, though it’s questionable how much you might actually make.

OneZero-me is different. We never share your personal data. Instead, we provide insights based on your data via your personalised OneZero-me Scores. These are numbers: they don’t contain any private information about you, and you can choose to share them or not. In make sure that your private data is absolutely safe while you are still able to access a range of benefits.

What are the risks of sharing personal data?

There are three potential risks to be aware of whenever you share your personal data. At OneZero-me we work hard to ensure you’re completely protected against each of them.

Unintentional sharing
Websites typically share at least some of their data with third parties, often without explicit consent from the user. The more your data is shared with third parties, the more likely it is to be used in an unintended way. OneZero-me never shares your personal data with anyone. Furthermore, we restrict the sharing of anonymous data to the minimum necessary to run our business. You can read more in our privacy notice.

Unethical/unintended use
Your data can be used in unethical ways, for example to target you unwittingly for political campaigns or commercial products based on personal data that you haven’t chosen to share. OneZero-me will never share your personal data, and we’ll only ever share your OneZero-me Scores if you give us your explicit consent to do so. We are transparent in the way we work, and contractually oblige all the companies we partner with to tell us and you clearly what benefit you can get from sharing your Scores.

Data breach
Personal data breaches can take place even under the strictest regulations. A website you share data with could potentially get hacked or unintentionally transmit your personal information to an unauthorised third party if it suffers a security breach. We follow very strict security principles in development and our daily operations, keep your data encrypted and make sure it never leaves our secure servers.

Five key things to consider when sharing your personal data

The new GDPR law is intended to help you get benefits from your personal data. But whenever you’re considering sharing your personal data, it’s worthwhile keeping in mind the following:

Trust: Is the company you’re looking to share with trustworthy and transparent about its use of your data? Do they have the right technology to keep your data safe?
Data: What type of data are you being asked to share? Are you comfortable with that?
Value: What do you get in return for your data? Do you feel it’s worth your while?
Sharing: What’s the policy of the company about sharing your data with third parties?
Time: How long, and for what purposes, will the company keep your data? Does this seem reasonable to you?

OneZero-me facilitates a completely transparent and safe exchange of data. We separate the potential risks of sharing personal data from the clear benefits that you can get from keeping your personal data private and never sharing it. Instead, we use Artificial Intelligence to unlock its value and enable you to share your OneZero-me Scores only with it. We do so by always those companies whose offers you want to access.